Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walks With Harley


With my subconscious in control behind the wheel of my car, I miraculously arrive at the forest…. and I’m glad. Glad this is a habit now. Harley is in his glory catching up on the world of doggyness, galloping and prancing, always in the general direction of me. He’s good that way. It relieves me of having to be consciously in his moment, freeing me to relax into mine.

I find myself walking this morning on the path I’ve grown to adore. I look forward to it. I block all else out and focus on the new life I am creating and what I need to do next. Fear crosses the path and suggests it’s too difficult. Oh shut up, I respond, pushing it out of the way with the glorious sight of morning light on the lagoon. Part of the water was shimmering, signifying renewal and birth happening just under the top of the water. So close, I thought. So close to being born. Doubts and fears once more demanded attention. I pray for help.

Oprah appeared. Yes, Oprah. And she said:

You, Lynda, are the idea person. I, Oprah, am the one who can make it happen. I can make anything happen.

If you give me ideas that are born from your heart and soul I will act and it will be yours. Do not worry, fret or buy more books about doing it. You know your craft & path as well as you know your heart. As well as you need to.

You think birthing is scary. In Truth it is great fun.

You think birthing is painful. It is only so if you don’t do it.

WOW. Oprah is God !!

I think... This world is a dream world, manifested by thoughts that swirl in new energy forms and create the illusions of our day. Most urgent to know: our thoughts create. Change my thought and I can create anything new that I pointedly think about with gut passion. Back to Oprah.

OMG. My God is wrapped in the veil of Oprah! I trust that image and I invited her to reside in my solar plexus, the direct line to my awareness. She wanted to sit on the top of my head, like any God image would. We compromised on the space between my eyes, the beloved third eye. I tell her: I want to parent. I want to give birth. I’ve nurtured my ideas and watched them grow. They want out. They now want a life of their own. I often thought, as a young woman, if I got pregnant my greatest fear was how the hell was the baby going to get out. Seems I was still worried about that.

As I descended the walking path, leaving the magic of flow and intention that the forest embodied, I heard Oprah saying everything she said the first time a second time to make sure I got it. I accepted her offer and agreed to keep her very busy. She was undaunted, so damn self-assured that she could do anything. Feeling supported in partnership with the universe I picked up Harley’s poop and lightly bounced out of the forest.