Thursday, January 24, 2008


sometime in January, 2008...there was this ARGUMENT:

It's black.
It's gray.
It's white.
It's gray.
It's black 'n white!
It's a shade of gray!
Light gray!
White, I say!
Deep, dark gray, perhaps?
No, it's black!
How about bluish-gray with a hint of purple.
(now she's really getting pissed)...Muted, soft gray like Mom's fur coat.
Okay, almost black, a very dark gray like dense clouds in a Buffalo winter sky.
No! Black!
But there are so many shades of gray.
Oh silly me, I know...yes, white touched by copper, a yummy warm tone.
Just white!!
Don'tcha think goblin-gray has a ring to it?!
Great greasy gobs of goober gray.
White, white, white!
I wonder what medium gray smells like?
Oh shut up, it's black or white! (grumble...mumble, walking away)

Get the picture?
Impossible to work with or move towards.......
To move away from an unbending mind held firm by fear
is the only direction.
But wait...I'm the winner.
How revealing and fun that I got to be with colors
and reminisce, imagine, invent
gray hay way
It's gray or the highway, sista!
stay, hey, may, bay
May-bay bay-bay you'll see gray

Lessons from THE ARGUMENT:
* It's good to detach.
* Stay true to yourself.
* Release limits.
* Find the humor.
* Welcome challenges to rise above.
* Search tirelessly for the grays between the lines....Therein lies all possibility.

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