Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Creative Rebel Surfaces

Welcome to my creativity project!

In this blog I can pour out my gut feelings, intuitive callings, observations and knowledge on a topic or 2 in the form of love letters, letters not sent, lists, sentences, parts of sentences, poems, memories, confessions, creative doors, revealing observations, recipes, photo essays and any other form that subconsciously emits from my hand & heart to the page. I will be in the moment...and so this should be fun, enlightening, sometimes not, a release, a revelation, a something yet to be experienced.
I have freed myself from writing anything in a prescribed form or length.
This is a place to put writings on those stickies, napkins and used envelopes.
This is a place to play.
This can also be a place to discuss certain writings and the ideas that pop out from them.
Comments and connections welcomed!

Fun Loving Imperfect Perfectionist :)

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