Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Love Forever

Back in the drifts of remembrance
When tender shoots of love were brand new
A little boy aimed a folded paper plane my way
And I caught it.
He was my first love and I've always remembered him.

Too young for real stirring of passion and trust
And many crushes yet to feel
Our lives wandered apart.

By chance, or not, our paths crossed when
I, in great need, found him as if waiting
Without a pause he wrapped his arms around me
His compassion and genuine spirit
Offering a safe place to shudder deep sighs
To be me.

He was the same cheerful, warm spirit
Only a man now.

Seeing childhood friends after a long while
Missing the transition from child to adult
Life experiences embedded
And yet we are the same
We relate as innocent beings once again
For a moment in the safety of a wonderful childhood.

But wait....I feel feelings

Three years have passed since my Father's death
When my foundation of love was scarred by
a family with anger unresolved
awful words and terrible deeds
loss, snapped threads of trust
no Mom and Dad to stop the fight.
When there appeared my first love
Offering a listening ear
an open heart
and a safe place to be emotionally fragile.

Three years have passed
A call returned to a mutual friend
Who, as part of the safe harbour, has kept in touch.
We are wondering, how are you?

'Grateful' is my heartful response
So happy you're still here.

1 comment:

Adriane said...

Lynda, your prose is beautiful... and how you paint with your words. Thanks for sharing your gift. :)


P.S. I feel asleep tonight, laying down for a "nap"... hmmm... getting old, I guess, or just tired. :)